One summer, when I was visiting my grandparents in Tokyo, my mother introduced me to a terrific Japanese film: Tampopo, by director Juzo Itami. Since then I have watched Tampopo many times. I never tire of this film, partly for the humor and the wonderful cast of characters, but mainly for the spectacular and inventive portrayal of food. The premise is simple: a woman wants to open the perfect noodle restaurant and, with the help of two truck drivers (including the young Ken Watanabe), sets off on an adventure to find the best ramen recipe. Along the way we encounter a gangster dressed in a white suit and his beautiful lover, (they enjoy erotic games with food, here is the famous egg scene where man and woman exchange an egg yolk from mouth to mouth before popping the yolk and embracing), a resourceful homeless man who prepares an omelet over rice for a little boy, an exhausted mother who cooks a meal for her family before collapsing….


An excerpt from my new illustrated cookbook, coming out in France this summer. To see the full recipe click the title of the post!