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A New Mixtape from Nicky Offenberg, with Album Artwork from Colin Sutherland. Nicky was inspired by old school mixology and psychedelics. “Its new music that pays homage to an offbeat era.” Colin channeled what he was hearing, depicting a clandestine distillery with a 1960′s feel. Throw this mixtape on at your next cocktail party, and try infusing some of our Brenden Susens-Jackson’s (our new mixology contributor) absinthe recipes into your repertoire. Directions below..



Photo Credit: W. Eugene Smith - Experimental Portrait of 821 Sixth Avenue [1957]


Dig this eclectic emulsion of ingredients new, old, and unsung, bringing the sounds of New York right to your kitchen. Make it your soundtrack as you brave another Monday commute to work, hit up the GreenMarket for produce, wash a sink full of dishes or prep a dinner for your friends. We hope this first musical recipe will elevate your experience of ingestion and aid you in digestion. Click the download icon on the player to get this mixtape in your earbuds.