New York City based filmmakers Ani (director), Cailin (cinematographer), & Nell (production designer) are taking their operations overseas this summer to shoot their first feature film, Days of Gray, in Iceland.
Reporting from Reykjavík, here are their culinary adventures from the land of fire and ice:

On our second night in Iceland, a wonderful guy, William from our incredibly retro-chic hostel, Kex, (complete with barber shop and reclaimed wood furniture) recommended to us his favorite restaurant – the unassuming, but incredibly delicious Sægreifinn (The Sea Baron). We managed to get lost despite the very easy walk to the restaurant, but thankfully the notoriously helpful natives got us back on track. The restaurant is nestled up against the old harbor in a bright teal fisherman’s hut. “The Baron” is a retired fisherman and Coast Guard chef, turned restaurant owner and a true legend in Reykjavik (probably second only to the famed hot dog stand, Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur). The atmosphere inside is odd and not one bit fancy. But the food… the food is incredible.

An open cooler sits to the side of the counter and houses a variety of fish-kabobs to choose from: minke whale, cod, monkfish, scallops – all fresh from the glacial Icelandic waters. A plate of free samples sits next to the register: just your typical Icelandic delicacy – cured shark. The food of choice is the perfect lobster bisque served with fresh bread and the most delicious butter you could ask for (Icelandic cows are happy cows). [Speaking of the cows, we can't neglect to mention the glory of Icelandic Skyr, the most delicious yogurt anywhere, period.]
Now, back to The Sea Baron: everything is amazing. Personal favorites include the soup (obviously) and, to our surprise, whale! Our Icelandic screenwriter-by-night and chef-by-day, Krummi, educated us on this dish: best served only slightly cooked and raw through the middle. Think whale sashimi.
So, we raise our Viking beers to Iceland! Not only are you a beautiful country, you also have the best dairy products and seafood in the world.
Join Days of Gray for more filmmaking adventures + check out there Kickstarter campaign HERE, which ends on June 3rd at 4PM! Ani, Cailin & Nell have also invited you all to an amazing party to raise money for their film on Saturday June 2nd, in NYC–invitation below:


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